“Parents of African American Children”


Parents of African American Children (PAAC) Committees work in collaboration with Parent Teacher Associations at Durham Public Schools.  Our mission is to inspire students to achieve academic success while expecting higher educational standards from their schools.  Our goals are

  1. to engage more parents in efforts to eliminate opportunity gaps and educational disparities;
  2. to help make the culture and climate of schools more supportive of Black parents’ engagement;
  3. to increase participation of Black parents in school leadership; and
  4. to facilitate and support participation of parents as advocates for Black children.

PAAC Committees have operated within the established PTA structure to support and advocate for parents and teachers with prioritized consideration for racial equity and equal educational opportunities. PAAC began in 2016 when the George Watts PTA hosted a meeting for parents with Black students.  From this meeting, the George Watts Parents of African American Children committee began.

The goals of this committee are to hear the concerns of parents with Black children, collaborate with the school personnel to find solutions, and be a social network for parents with similar concerns.  PAAC also brought race-based conversation, culturally responsive pedagogy, and intentional focus to tutoring and support for Black and Brown children.  At the end of the year results were increased participation of racially diverse parents and the greatest increase in the District for Black students on the End-Of-Grade tests, supporting the goal of students becoming college and career ready.

For more information about PAAC email paaceduc@gmail.com.


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