Demetrius Haddock

DEMETRIUS HADDOCK is the father of two. He originally came to Fayetteville, NC in 1991 as a student at Fayetteville State University and subsequently lived in Fayetteville on two separate occasions totaling nearly two decades.  As a student, Demetrius majored in Mathematics Education (B.S.) and obtained a Master of Science degree in Mathematics after an extended, rough undergraduate experience.  Over the years from 1991 to 1998, Fayetteville State University and several faculty members did not give up on him and he obtained his undergraduate degree despite the chaos of those years.  That is why he is today such a strong advocate for the institution as an alumnus and for HBCUs in general.  As he states, “people’s lives are not always conducive to a straight-line path.  Detours are often needed.”  Committed to community development, Demetrius participated on the Vision Task Force for the original Greater Fayetteville Futures (GFF) Project from its public unveiling in December of 2000 until its eventual end a few years later.  He was also involved with Sustainable Sandhills, as it began, FAMPO’s Air Quality Stakeholders Committee, and the development of the Institute for Social Awareness (ISA) along the way.  Experienced as a facilitator of community dialogue and collaboration, he has developed educational programs in the form of technical workshops, small group training on leadership and teamwork, innovations in educational practice, systems thinking, professional learning teams and more.  Having served as President of AAERO’s Board of Directors, Demetrius currently works as Programs Coordinator for ISA, serves as President for the Cumberland County “Hometown Broncos” Alumni Chapter of FSU National Alumni Association and Treasurer for the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex Foundation Board.  As a father, he also continues to guide the development of two wonderful college students.

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