Become an AAERO Anchor!

Financial contributions to AAERO will be used

  • to pay students for internships (e.g., summer 2-months $3,000 for college students);
  • for graduation gifts ($50 – $100 checks) to students who have volunteered with AAERO;
  • for designated Memorial Awards to high school graduates or others specified in the awards;
  • to pay operating costs for a bookkeeper, volunteer coordinator, website, and video conferencing; and
  • for special projects, if designated by donors.

Donors may designate how their contributions are to be used, and may access financial reports.

In 2020 our priority is to fund internships for college students!

AAERO is a nonprofit organization, tax exempt as a 501(c)3 public charity, whose mission is advanced by volunteers.

I’m ready to donate to AAERO!

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