AAERO Internships

briana-moore-kayla-holland-2013North Carolina Central University (NCCU) psychology majors, Briana Moore and Kayla Holland were AAERO interns in 2013.  They assisted with the interview of NCCU Registrar, Dr. Jerome Goodwin who, as a child, was one of the first African Americans to attend an all-white school.goodwinhall-holland

Dr. Millicent Brown led the “Somebody Had To Do It” project, documenting the recollections of African Americans who, as children, were the first in their communities to attend previously all-white schools.  This project is now housed at the College of Charleston, South Carolina.  Learn more at   Lowcountry Digital Library at the College of Charleston.

Location Melchor-Quick Meeting House, 669 Country Club Drive, Fayetteville, NC Hours Meetings are by appointment only. Video Conferences are held on the Internet.
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